Wednesday, October 5, 2016

College Educated White Women


The most sought after voting group for election 2016 is "College Educated White Women".  It doesn't matter if you are a Millennial, Gen X or Boomer or considered to be in between!  If you are a white woman and a college graduate you control this election! I am a black woman, college educated and part of the voting block that has The Highest Percentage of voters in the USA! That's right black educated women turn out to VOTE more than any other demographic.  So why aren't we the most sought after vote?  Well, black people only make up 13% of the American population (although I believe that number is higher (I was once a census taker)).  So even though we black educated women do our civic duty and vote WE AREN'T ENOUGH!  Now I know how my white educated friends are voting this election.  Even the girls who were hardcore Republicans way back when are NOW strong active Democrats, so all of my college friends are voting Hillary Clinton!  Technically I should relax but I can't, none of us can!  My very rights, biological and social, hinge on what "College Educated White Women" choose to do this election!!! Will they vote? Will they stay home? Are they secretly racist hoping for the rise of the Third Reich?  Will they support the "College Educated White Woman" over the man who offers them gold toilets and trades in a wife for a younger hungrier model?! I am afraid.  As I sit in this bar I hear white men spout nonsense about Trump.  I am afraid.  I will not be passive about this, I will fight for all my rights and you should too!  Our reproductive rights are on the table ladies!  We don't want the USA to become Texas where the mortality rate of pregnant women has dramatically increased.  I am asking for your help!

Yes, "College Educated White Women" (sorry about the label, it is just a poll label) the "College Educated Black Woman" is asking for your help.  I can't save America by myself.  I can't protect the rights of women by myself.  I NEED YOU TO TAKE THIS ELECTION SERIOUSLY BECAUSE WE WOMEN HAVE A LOT TO LOSE!!!  I am going to try to make this easy for you.  If you need something to post on Facebook to persuade your friends to vote come here.  You need something to handle some troll on Twitter come here. (Note: I block trolls.  They really just waste a lot of your time and NONE OF US HAVE TIME TO WASTE!) I will be posting the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly within this post.  I will link you to accounts to follow.  I will post links to articles and blogs.  All you will have to do is look at this post which will be forever changing, well at least until November 8th.  You will find Memes, Tweets, blogs, articles and videos.  I get it, you don't have the time to forge your own weapons.  I will do that for you.  All you have to do is come here and find whatever you need to save our country and our planet from the man who would be dating his daughter if she were not his daughter!  We all need to turn out and vote.  We must send a message to the GOP.  A landslide win will send a message! The message is: NEVER SEND US A NOMINEE LIKE THIS AGAIN!

John Warner "Loose Lips"

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