Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Bad Bad Horoscope

Yes, it is February the 1st and I keep checking to see if Susan Miller's Astrologyzone is out.  It is now 10:01 pm and it still is not up yet. She says that we Capricorns will be happy with the month of February but I wonder.  It is not that I alter my life because of what a horoscope says but my mood does alter.  Let's face it certain signs, Capricorns being one of them, seem to get real "challenging horoscopes".  I am a person who wants the wind at my back not the wind in my face pushing me back!  Really good horoscopes can sometimes make you feel invincible.  Really crappy horoscopes can make you feel like you are fighting an uphill battle.  I DON'T LIKE HEARING THE BAD STUFF!  I want to know if I have any advantages going for me.  Is Venus is on my side this month? If yes, I am going to be in every picture.  Is Mercury direct? If no, screw that computer update it is going to have to wait.  I personally hate months that my horoscope focuses on home and family.  I do everything with my family already so it is like telling me you are going to have another boring month.  Not that working with my family is boring.  It most certainly isn't but I focus enough on my family, I don't need to be told to do it!!! Home, home, F the focus on home! I clean my room once in a blue moon and I decide when I do it!

So, why do I read my horoscope at all? Well, like I said I am looking for any increased advantages.  Will I be hotter? Will people actually listen to my ideas? Am I going to have an easier time losing weight? Will I be able to focus better? Will I get along better with others? Will I feel more creative? Is it a good time for me in my career? Will money like me?  If I get a negative answer to any of those things I act like my horoscope does not exist.  If I am defiant I build my own template for the month.  In fact the only thing I will take seriously from a bad horoscope is the warning of altercations.  Those days, if I can, I won't leave my room.  I have had too many horrifying experiences on that subject and it is best for me not to be around.  If the horoscope is great I admit I use it to plan the month.  It is like wearing lucky socks or underwear for me.

As of right now I am still waiting.  My sister does charts too but she is my sister.  Plus I like to compare notes between her and Susan.