Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Love and Broken Hearts

It is odd.  My name is Love and yet my heart is broken so easily.  Actually that may be a little misleading.  I am not broken by men or people, although watching what is happening to the USA right now is heartbreaking.  My heart was broken twice in college, once when I found my husband's body and lately everyday by...I won't say, but I'll just say I feel broken everyday.  I am watching Francine on American Dad cry because her family broke her heart, lol.  Watching her cry makes me feel not so crazy.  Wow, I really do need animation to feel human these days.  Broken hearts feel like insanity and it is odd what can break the human heart.

Things that have NEVER broken my heart:

1. A good glass of red wine
2. A soft warm breeze
3. Music that feels like a tiger stalking
4. Jerk Chicken Pizza
5. Going the day with no bra
6. A beautiful snowstorm when I am safe at home
7. Great road trips
8. Tequila

Yes, I hate to admit it but both Derby and Christmas have broken my heart.  I guess I should feel lucky. Not everyone has a heart to break.  For now I will concentrate on what makes my heart smile.  The red wine I am drinking has gone to my head :).  The bunny ears make me feel more like my real self.  I have a Cadbury egg somewhere in my room.  Oh and there is Adult Swim with Aqua Teen Hunger Force and American Dad.  I guess the more heartbroken I become the more fantasies I enjoy.