Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Surviving An Intolerant World "The Trump Years" Rules to Live By

I just came home from a great dinner with my uncle who is also my godfather.  He wanted to check on me and see how I was doing.  We had a long conversation.  He let me speak while he listened.  He may have saved me from falling further into the "pit of despair". There is a lot going on in my own personal world that is stressful and hurtful.  Even if Hillary Clinton won the Electoral College I would still have these personal problems.  Maybe my life would be in a brighter place if Clinton or Bernie were President but...I would still be a widow.  I would still be having the same heartbreaking situations with certain people.  I acknowledge that my life, even without the United States having a moral meltdown is difficult right now.  That said, living in an America that feels it is okay to assault a woman as long as there are no witness makes my life harder.  Watching other women attack each other in defense of a sexual predator is jaw dropping!  Watching women call each other liars, gorillas, and exhibiting a form a racism not seen since the 1960's, is literally blowing my mind.  In other words I am stressed.  My uncle and I didn't discuss the outside world.  We discussed me which is great because fixing the world starts with fixing me.

I still have no idea what is going to happen in my personal life but I need to make a survival guide for dealing with, well, a world of racist wannabe pussy-grabbers.  I need to decide now what is important in this kind of world.  First of all some American citizens are going to try to be just like Trump.  I know to some of you this is well horrifying.  I don't have time to be horrified.  I am going to survive this so I just need to spin this in a positive way.  What are Trump's weakness? Women who look young and beautiful is his weakness.  Women in amazing shape is another Trump weakness.  People with more money and success than he has is not only a weakness but also a sore spot for Trump.  Women and men who give Trump hollow compliments is of course his BIGGEST WEAKNESS. (Come on you don't really think Putin likes Trump? Putin likes no one. He is ex KGB and knows how to manipulate people.  Trump likes to be told he is better than Obama so that is what Putin will do.  Putin doesn't mean it.  Putin has an endgame, complete and total world domination.  Trump being a Putin ally means the world has only China to stop Putin.)

Looking at this list I have a few advantages in the Trump world.  Of course I have many disadvantages also but one cannot build a survival plan on focusing on only what poisonous berries not to eat.  In other words I am not going to focus on why life has become harder for me.  I am going to point out my advantages.


1. I am beautiful. (This is no longer the time to be humble we're in the Trump years now.)
2. I am educated but can pass myself off as uneducated.  In other words I will be underestimated in ways that will be an advantage.
3. When I am in shape my body is disarming to both men and women.  The Trump years may be my best body years ever.  Thriving depends on looking my best now.  Don't get mad ladies I didn't vote for him but I am going to acknowledge that these days LOOKS are going to matter.  If you are looking for someone to be mad at be mad at this lady.  She voted for a world she will not survive in! Really even her defense of Trump is something that is an insult to him.

4. I come from a family of strikingly beautiful men and women so even if I drop the ball they won't!
5. Some of my family members actually know world leaders so...we cannot be disappeared as easy as others.
6. My family is really good at giving sincere compliments.
7. I know that my mind can earn me the money and power that I need to survive the next four years.
8. LAUGHTER: I will have fun laughing at all those hateful Trump supporters who are going to be shocked that I make it further in life than they do.  I know what it takes to survive and I vote my interest.  Racists and Sexists are as superficial as it gets!!! Love Trumps Hate.  Pretty can distract hate.  Trust me I know from experience, unfortunately.

There are certain things I must do.  My rules to live by if you will.  My soul depends on me being me.  I say what I feel.  I stand up for the underdog.  As superficial as I may try to be I cannot really go there, not really.  I read a lot and the only reason why I stopped watching the news was to keep my sanity.  High voltage shocks to the heart can kill.  It is best for me just to read headlines only.  I have to stay focused.  I can't get fixated on the nasty awful things that are happening in the world.  It is better that I just come up with rules to live by.  It is better that I decide what needs protecting.  It is better to build bridges.

Rules to Live By:

1. Protect my right to vote.
2. Protect others' right to vote.
3. Make sure the equality of all people is recognized not just in the USA but everywhere.
4. Everyone deserves a real and full education no matter their gender, nationality or "class".
5. Every woman has a right to her own sexual freedom!!!
6. Protection of freedom of the press is a must.
7. Free and fair elections are a must.
8. Protection of the Sovereignty of the United States of America.

I will lend my voice, my time and if possible my money to all of the above.  Living in the Trump years may look superficial but it will also be heavy in activism.  I will use every advantage I have to protect my rights and the rights of others.  I will vote even in the small elections.  I will look for local candidates to run against politicians who think it is okay to mess with LGTB rights, women's rights and human rights.  My personal life has been painful but I don't have the right to check out completely.  Too many people depend of me to make it through this.  Frankly, we progressives became a little to lax and now well, each of us need to do our part to end sexism, racism and poverty.  It happens one person at a time.  So as superficial as I may seem over the next few years never forget this is my personal survival guide.  I will beat the superficial with their own weaknesses and I won't surrender my rights.